With Grateful Thanks

Mary and I would like to thank all of you for making the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our ordinations a joyous and memorable affair. We know that it took a whole lot of people a whole lot of time and effort to pull off such a great event, and while it is always dangerous to single out individuals for thanks, (because it is almost inevitable that someone will inadvertently be missed) we would like to acknowledge the following persons and groups from NKUC for their part in making it a day to remember:

 Carol Lyons—for her visionary leadership in making a joint celebration possible;

 The NKUC Worship Committee—for their ongoing support and encouragement;

 Peter Latimer and Marie Leskovjan for their assistance in planning and coordinating the worship service;

 Joan Shaw and the members of the North Kildonan United Church Choir for providing music leadership and direction (and graciously making space for others to share their musical gifts with us);

 All those from NKUC who participated in the worship service itself-Helen Mitchell, Frank and Marie Leskojvan, Sydney and Nicholas Lewicki, Robin Polley, Alex Hillier, Kay Church, Tyler Lesuk, Kris Richardson, Betty Clark, Peter Latimer, the members of our Sunday School and Youth Group, John and Judy Rempel, Luke and Kara McMillan, Gay Todd, Barrie McPherson, Ron Hutchinson (and all those others who stepped in at short notice to do what needed to be done!);

 Dorothy Franklin and the Hospitality Committee for providing and overseeing food and refreshments;

 Ron Fortier, the Committee of Stewards, and members of our Youth Group for setting up for the BBQ (and flipping more than a few burgers);

 Heinz Goetz for taking on extra duties associated with an additional 80 or so guests at worship;

 Clayton Gording and the team directing parking;

 Cec Anderson for agreeing to emcee the post-service festivities;

 Shaun McDonald for providing music before worship, and as part of the post-service entertainment;

 The Geritol Grannies for their unforgettable musical stylings;

 Kim Lesuk and Robin Polley for organizing the activities for the children during and following the service, (and all those many others who helped make it a fun-filled experience);

 Micaela Crighton and Peggy Latimer for taking photographs;

 Barb Wiebe for preparing the worship bulletin (and coming back one day early from her Wasaga retreat);

 Sheron Miller and the UCW for their kind gift of a maple tree;

 Gay Todd, the Unified Board, and the people of North Kildonan United Church for the gift of flowers and a weekend get-away;

 Jackie Thrumble-Reimer for her creation of matching liturgical stoles;

 The many others who offered their best wishes and expressions of congratulations;

 All of you for the gift of your attendance last Sunday, and your ongoing enthusiastic support of our ministry among you;

With our heartfelt thanks,

Rev. Marc Whitehead and Rev. Mary Best

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