Welcome Back to Church Protocols

Greetings, everyone,

This coming Sunday, September 13th, we are planning to have our first formal in-person church service since we shut down for COVID-19 last spring. A test service, to help fine-tune our protocols, will be held Thursday, September 10, with a limited attendance.

There will be two in-person church services each week (Sundays at 10 am and Thursdays at 11 am). The Thursday service will also be recorded and available to watch online. If you haven’t already done so, and are planning to attend an in-person service, please let Wilma in the church office know which day you will be coming. Once you pick a day (Sunday or Thursday), please continue with that group rather than switching days.

Provincial pandemic protocols require that we maintain social distancing, so we can accommodate only a limited number of people at the church. We’ll send out a reminder each week, asking if you’re coming. Please let us know whether or not you’ll be there so we can plan the seating and get our numbers right.

To minimize the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible, we ask that you follow these rules.

  1. Please maintain social distancing at all times.
  2. When inside the building, wear a mask. (If you forget yours, one will be provided.)
  3. Sanitize hands upon entry.

Also, please remember that we need to look out for one another during this pandemic. Some of our members are elderly, some are frail, and some are immune-compromised.

So, one of the most important requirements is this:

  1. If you’re not feeling well, PLEASE STAY HOME. If you’ve recently travelled outside Manitoba and should be self-quarantining or are living with someone who is or should be self-quarantining, PLEASE STAY HOME. Please don’t risk the health of our fellow congregants.

The church service will be shorter and may not look exactly like what we’re used to, but the basic elements are there. We will pray together. We will listen to the scriptures and hear the sermon. We won’t sing (provincial guidelines) but there will be music. And we will be able to worship together with our church community.

Please be patient. Together, we can make this work.

God bless,


Please read the attached letter regarding Safety protocols:
Letter to the congregation re in-person services

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