Urgent Appeal from NKUC Sunday School

Sunday School Teachers Needed For The Fall

10404368_393050884193071_8473201259498448188_nThe Sunday School is an integral and vital component to the strength of any Church.  We are facing a very dire situation here at North Kildonan United Church.  Many of the Sunday School leaders have been involved in this particular ministry of our Church for the past ten years or more.  Some of these leaders have decided that it is time for a change in the manner of how they offer their gifts.

IMG_3520In an ideal situation, we have a core group of eight Sunday School leaders that work in pairs to coordinate the weekly operation of our program.  Currently, the situation anticipated for the fall is that we have three Sunday School leaders able to offer their gifts in this particular area.

This scenario, if not attended to immediately, will put our entire Sunday School program in jeopardy which in the grand scheme of things will ultimately affect the overall health and strength of our entire congregation.

IMG_1867As with most issues that arise and are brought to the attention of this congregation, people tend to rise to the challenge and offer their gifts and talents so that the issues can be successfully overcome.  My hopes and prayers are that once again, the wonderful people of North Kildonan will come through and fill the needs that are being presented to us.

If you are able to help out in a teaching capacity in the Sunday School in the fall please speak to Grant McMillan, Peter Latimer or Kathy Bertouille so that we have a plan in place for the fall to offer the services and expectations that meet the needs of our families.

Thank you for your anticipated response to this request.


Grant McMillan
Christian Education Chairperson

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