Spiritually Speaking

This is the first in what we hope to be a series of postings from members of our congregation. We hope this space will become a forum where members of the congregation can share stories with each other about their faith and a personal or spiritual experience. Our Webmaster, Aldo Santin, is prepared to help with editing and writing suggestions. Contact him with a submission at: nkucwebmaster@mymts.net

By Robin Polley

Last winter, Sarah Burke, age 29, died tragically from a skiing accident while training for an upcoming competition in a sport that was her passion and career.  Why did I follow the media/facebook diligently every hour for days after the accident?  This was a girl I had never met!  But she did share a passion for the same sport my son has for years — freestyle skiing.

Sarah Burke is a name that I have seen countless times for the many podium finishes throughout her career.  Sarah was born in Ontario and had lived in British Columbia as she furthered her career in skiing.  She met her husband in B.C., another fellow snow enthusiast, and had been sharing their passion of the sport together for only a mere two years when the accident occurred.

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