As any who has been part of this congregation for any length of time knows, the only thing that fluctuates more wildly than my weight, is the presence (or absence) of my facial hair. Over the years, you’ve seen me full bearded, clean-shaven, goateed, and stubbled.  The whiskers have appeared to help me get into character for church drama, and disappeared to raise money for good causes. People have been known to donate to worthwhile projects on the condition that I either retain or disdain my facial foliage. On one noteworthy New Year’s Sunday morning, I was even shaved during the worship service, by the side that raised the most money. So, no one will be surprised when they see me sprouting some new growth on my upper lip this month. But this time my furry friend is there to help raise awareness about prostate cancer. Since 2003, the “Mo”, Austrailian slang for moustache, and November have come together for “Movember”. As the Movember website ( explains, the challenge is “for men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache… The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for prostate cancer.” I haven’t had to deal with a diagnosis of prostate cancer in my own life, but friends, colleagues, and members of my extended family have. The statistics suggest they will be joined by many others this year, and now that I’m approaching my first half-century, and my doctor slaps on those dreaded rubber gloves during my annual physical exam, I know that I could also be among them. And so, with the support (if not enthusiastic encouragement) of my wife, I’m growing a “mo” this month. We’re all in this together. So, if you can grow a “mo” why not do so? And if you can’t maybe you can offer your support to someone who can.

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