Legacy Giving Update

Here’s a message from Kathryn Hofley, the Financial Development Officer in the Philanthropy Unit for the United Church of Canada:

Did you know that the combined federal and Manitoba provincial tax credit for charitable gifts over $200 is 46.4%? This means that, assuming you pay income tax and you have given a total of at least $200 during the calendar year to North Kildonan United Church and/or any other charity, a further gift of $1,000 to North Kildonan United Church will only cost you $536? Charitable tax receipts can also be carried forward for up to five years.


Did you know that you can donate non-registered shares or mutual funds that are traded on a public stock exchange to the church, receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the value of the securities as of the date they are received by the church, and pay no income tax on the capital gain? For more information contact Kathryn Hofley at (204) 943-4844 or khofley@united-church.ca.

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