Is Membership in the United Church of Canada Right For You

While everyone who participates in the life and work of North Kildonan United Church is an important member of this community, a person is only recognized as an official member of the United Church of Canada through baptism and a public profession of faith.

There are many ways by which one can become a member of the United Church of Canada depending on one’s individual needs, circumstances, and background.

If you would like to learn more about those options as you consider whether or not formal membership might be right for you, we would invite you to consider joining us on one of the following Wednesday evenings:

Sept. 9—An overview about what membership in North Kildonan United Church (and the United Church of Canada) means, and how one becomes a member.

Sept. 16— A consideration of what membership in the United Church of Canada might mean for those who are currently members of another Christian denomination.

Sept. 23— A consideration of the questions asked during a public profession of faith.

If you are interested in pursuing this conversation, but can’t attend, please contact Rev. Marc Whitehead to discuss other options.

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