Home Building in Mexico

Several members of our congregation have been in Mexico for a very unusual holiday — building homes for migrant workers.

Bruce and Sharon Wiebe, their sons Aaron and Cameron, and Bob and Dorothy Franklin have joined several other individuals for a Live Different Hero Holiday, part of the Building for Hope campaign. They are building homes for migrant workers living in and around the town of Vicente Guerrero, in Mexico’s Baja region.

Here is the link for the Building for Hope campaign (http://livedifferent.com/private-trips/building-hope-2013-winnipeg/details); and here is the link to some of the photos (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.497779253625862.1073741840.189864944417296&type=3) where you can see Sharon, Bruce, Aaron, Cameron, Dorothy and Bob at work.

Copy and paste the link into your brower’s address bar.


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