2015 Stewardship Campaign

2015 Stewardship Campaign

By Peter Latimer

Peter LatimerThis year’s Stewardship Campaign, running from October 19 to November 23, is entitled “Making a Difference”. In keeping with the theme, this year’s campaign will focus on the connection between the financial and volunteer pledges of the congregation and the programs offered at NKUC, particularly emphasizing the positive outcomes for the recipients of the programs and for those who are delivering the programs. While it is hoped that our members will continue to pledge generously, as they are able, the campaign will be emphasizing the reason for the pledges is to support the valuable programs we offer. During the campaign the worship service content and music each week will relate to that week’s presentation.

The presentations will centre on the programs our donations support and how those programs make a difference in the lives of both recipients and providers. Where possible, short video clips of interviews with program recipients and providers will be used. Periodically throughout the year a Moment for Stewardship will be offered, highlighting additional services and ministries offered by our church, which time didn’t allow for their inclusion during the five-week Stewardship Campaign. Information about the role and responsibilities of ministry committees will not be provided during the stewardship campaign presentations, but will be covered as handouts each week during the campaign.

The plan for each week of the campaign is as follows:

October 19: To kick off the campaign, throughout the service there will be a dramatic representation of what the impact would be for our church, our members and the community if we, at NKUC, were not generous, along with a short presentation by the Stewardship Committee.

October 26: The theme is Pastoral Care Ministries and the presentation on Pastoral Care will emphasize how programs such as the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the involvement at Kildonan Personal Care Home and pastoral care visiting has made a difference in the lives of both the service providers and recipients.

November 2: The theme is Worship Ministries and the presentation on Worship will include video clips of congregational members positive experience with worship services and noting the various ways worship is extended out into the broader community.

November 9: The theme is Outreach Ministries and examples of the many ways in which our church responds to needs in the wider community, such as Children’s Breakfast program, West Broadway Ministry, KAIROS, Riverview volunteers, Youth Group volunteers, Mexico Build volunteers, will be highlighted, particularly through video clips of interviews with recipients and/or providers of the service.

November 16: The theme is Christian Education Ministries and will capture the various ways that Christian education is provided at NKUC, such as Sunday School, Youth Group, UCW educational component or Wednesday morning study group. The presentation could include video clips of one of the Sunday School children or Youth Group members speaking about their enjoyment of the activity and/or satisfaction experienced by Sunday School teachers/Youth group leaders in their roles.

November 23: The theme is Hospitality Ministries and will highlight the ways in which we incorporate fellowship into the life of our church. The presentation may include video clips of the sense of belonging congregational members experience as a result of sharing meals at the church to mark special occasions or the satisfaction committee members receive by engaging in this ministry. The campaign will wrap up with a thank you luncheon provided by the Sunday School and Youth Group, the Stewardship Committee and the Board.

By illustrating the ways in which our past generosity has “made a difference”, we feel confident that our members will continue to off their volunteer and financial support to continue and expand the programs through which NKUC has benefitted our church, our members and the wider community.

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