2013 Stewardship Campaign

By Marvelle McPherson & Peggy Latimer

The stewardship campaign kicked-off October 20th and on December 1st we were pleased to dedicate the pledges.

The theme “Together We Are the Church” was most appropriate as we focused not only on the financial requirements required but also highlighted the talent and human resources necessary to keep this church a humming.

We sent out 158 packages and as of December 1, have heard from over 125 (and we will be most receptive to any still to come).

Our goal was $122, 225 and to date we are at $114, 330. We have had a lot of positive feed back in terms of the dual approach and a highlighted awareness of all the components necessary to enjoy all services we receive.

We thank all those who participated in the preparatory work for the campaign, namely Rev. Marc Whitehead, Clayton Gording and Ron Fortier, the members of the Unified Board, Tom Lyons, Heidi McIlwain, Barb Wiebe (and our spouses Peter and Barrie).

Thanks to those who helped to make it happen and to all of you for your support and participation.


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