Fundscrip: A Painless Fundraising Project

By Peggy Latimer

The Stewardship Committee is introducing a new fundraising project, called Fundscrip, with funds raised being designated for a capital projects fund to support much-needed improvements in our church facility. The greatest appeal of this project is that it requires no purchases other than what you are likely already spending routinely and you would continue to use the same retailers that you patronize already.

How Does It Work?

Those participating in the fundraiser buy gift cards from Fundscrip for over 170 popular retailers, and the cards can then be used to make purchases from those retailers up to the value of the cards purchased. A percentage of the value of the gift cards purchased is then donated by Fundscrip to NKUC. In essence, you are providing financial support to NKUC, while buying groceries, gasoline and household articles, just as you normally do. The only difference is that you would use gift cards which you have already purchased at the church instead of cash or credit cards to make your routine purchases.

What Are the Stores That I Can Purchase Gift Cards For?

There are over 170 different stores, covering everything from groceries, to gasoline, to clothing to electronics and much much more, all at stores most of us patronize on a routine basis. This means that you won’t have to drive half-way across the city in order to use your gift cards …. just go to your local merchants to make the purchases you normally would. There’s no time limit on your use of your cards.…you can use them over and over again until you have used the full value of the cards you have purchased. A list of all the merchants participating will be posted on the bulletin board in the lower hall.

How Do I Purchase My Cards?

Approximately once a month, our volunteers will be available before and after service to take applications and payment for the gift cards. The volunteers then submit the order electronically to Fundscrip. Within a few days, Fundscrip will send out the cards by express delivery to a designated volunteer, and you can then pick up your cards (after signing for them) from volunteers at the church on a day designated for pick up. The cards for each purchaser are delivered in a separate sealed package.

How Much Money Will NKUC Make?

Of course that depends on how many gift cards are bought, as NKUC would receive a percentage of the purchase price of each card.…and the portion going to our church will vary from merchant to merchant. Some will even offer specials so that the church will receive a greater percentage of sales than normal. Fundscrip estimates that for every 10 families supporting the project, the church would make about $3600 per year. Atlantic Garden City, which has used this program for some time now, has found this to be a very successful and relatively effort-free fundraiser.

For further information or to indicate your interest in purchasing these gift cards, please see Peggy Latimer or June Finsson.


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