Cake Auction Challenge

downloadChurch groups are being challenged to provide an extreme cake for the “Take the Cake” dinner and cake auction on October 18.

The evening will begin with mocktails at 5:30 followed by dinner at 6:00. After dinner we will be entertained by Royal Unruh for about a 20 minute set. During this time the servers will have time to clear the tables.

Then the cakes will be auctioned off. These must be extreme cakes. Either decorated in a very unique theme or infused with liquor or many layers or something very unique …. the options are endless. The cakes must be home made.

It is typical that at an event like this a number of people at a table go together and pool their funds to purchase a cake but an individual may choose to purchase a cake as well.

Cakes will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, likely for $30 to $130 or more each. When a table or individual buys a cake, it is delivered to their table with serving dishes, cutlery, larger knife to cut the cake and a box to put the cake in if there are leftovers. The cake is then dessert for that table if they want or it can be taken home.

Groups can pool their resources and ideas to come up with the most extreme cake and see who wins the challenge of making the most money at the auction. Competition is bound to be brisk!

Individuals who wish to offer a cake will be eligible for a tax receipt in the amount that the cake sells for. For more information, contact Sharon Wiebe.

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