Bundle of Shingles Campaign

Roof Replacement Fund

Greetings everyone! By now, most if not all of you have heard that the condition of our roof is so bad, we need to buy either umbrellas, buckets or shingles. Shingles would work very nicely – don’t you think?

It has been a while since we updated you on progress of the roof replacement. Please be aware that the Special Projects Committee, the Committee of Stewards, and the Board have spent many hours since September 2013 on making contacts, obtaining estimates from contractors, and seeking out expert opinions on the various options available to us – in ensuring the most cost effective and the best construction possible which would give us a worry-free roof for decades to come. The work is being planned for completion in March 2014.

We will be calling a Congregational Meeting in early January to provide all of the details surrounding the replacement of the roof, however we can see that even with our current Roof Fund, grants that we are applying for, and support from the UCW, there will be a shortfall of about $5,500.

Even though it has been a great blessing to have had the financial support so far, we realize we need to push a little harder to keep the fundraising campaign alive. As such, we are introducing our ‘Bundle of Shingles’ campaign open immediately. We invite you to purchase a ‘Bundle of Shingles’ at a cost of $50. You can ‘go it alone’ or share the cost of a bundle with a friend. We hope to raise the anticipated $5500 shortfall by March 31, 2014. We are providing you with this update before year end, allowing for the opportunity to take advantage of tax deductions for 2013.

Would you consider supporting this? Every little bit counts. Once again, thank you.


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