Bedding Plant Fundraiser

Spring is upon us & it’s time to think about planting our flower beds & vegetable gardens.
This annual plant sale has become one of the major fundraisers for our church, and especially important during these difficult times.  We ask that you encourage your relatives, friends and neighbours to purchase their plants through NKUC as well.  The plants were beautiful last year, and the growers are expecting very strong sales this spring and warn that they could sell out of certain items, so placing your order with us will ensure you get your plants.  In the event COVID restrictions are increased prior to placing our order with Glenlea, your payments will be refunded.
All orders must be received at the church on or before April 8, 2021.
The Pick-Up date for your plants will be May 20, 2021. As we did last year, once orders are picked, we will call to advise you that you can come to the church to collect you plants. For those who are able to come during the day, we would appreciate you picking them up as quickly as possible to avoid congestion later in the day.
Bedding Plant Cover Letter – 2021
2021 Glenlea

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