Unified Board

The Unified Board (known as The Board) is the governing body of the congregation of North Kildonan United Church. It meets once a month, at the call of the chair, from August to May. The board governs the life and work of the congregation, delegating specific aspects of its work to the Ministry Committees. It consists of between 15 and 20 members.

The Board consists of the Executive, committee representatives and members-at-large.

The Executive of the Board consists of 7 members: the chair, chair-elect (vice-chair), treasurer, minister, past chair, secretary and presbytery delegate. The executive is responsible to act in the absence of the Board.

There are 7 committees represented on the Board: Christian Education, Ministry and Personnel, Outreach, Mission and Service, Worship, Stewards, Nominating (vice-chair), Pastoral Care.

Other full members on the Board are: UCW, Youth, and Alternate presbytery delegate.

The congregation also appoints members-at-large.