The governance of North Kildonan United Church is set out according to the NKUC Constitution. The congregation is governed by a formal committee structure, which meet on a regular basis or at the call of the committee chair.

The organizational structure is:

The Lord Jesus Christ as head of the congregation;

The congregation;

The Unified Board through the Executive and Ministry Committees;

The Trustees;

The UCW;

All meetings of the congregation shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised).

The Constitution requires a meeting of the congregation to be held annually, in February, to elect members to the Board and all committees and those individuals holding the position of Presbytery representatives. The Nominating committee will prepare a slate of candidates for all positions but nominations will also be accepted from the floor during the meeting. Voting, if required, will be by secret ballot if requested by one or more eligible voters.

Full members of the congregation are allowed to vote on all matters. With the consent of the members, Adherents who contribute regularly to the support of the congregation may vote on Temporal Matters — those transitory and secular affairs which pertain to the life, work and finances of the congregation — but they cannot vote on Spiritual matters.

According to Section 2.2 of the Constitution, the Unified Board is responsible for providing leadership and management in all aspects of the activities of the congregation.