From A Single Photo

Posted by Aldo Santin on June 4, 2012

The June 3 service was Celebration Sunday at North Kildonan United — a special event for our congregation. It marks the end of the formal church season and structured Sunday School before everyone departs for lazy summer weekends at the lake and those vacations of a lifetime. I was unable to attend but while reviewing the photos taken by Liz Gauthier, it made me realize, once again, how NKUC is so special.

We’re not a big church but we are growing and the ages of our members stretch from new-borns to seen-it-alls. It takes a lot of work by a lot of dedicated volunteers throughout the year to make NKUC tick — not just the regular Sunday service and Sunday School: There is pastoral care and prayer shawl, the work of the Stewards and the Unified Board, the UCW, the choir, the Youth Group, and others. And on Celebration Sunday, we celebrate all the hard work.

We still have weekly Sunday service throughout the summer but our regular, structured programming takes a break and resumes in the fall. If you’re coming to our website for the first time this summer in hopes of finding a church, take a few minutes to look at the photos from this year’s Celebration Sunday — they tell a story about an amazing group of individuals who genuinely believe and practise in what our banner proclaims: We are an accepting Christian community dedicated to living, sharing and teaching the word of God.

When our family was looking for a church a few years ago, what we found at North Kildonan United was a a congregation that embraced everyone who came through the doors, a choir whose voices are like the proverbial angels, a minister whose sermons placed the Gospel in our daily lives …. and then we got to know the people.

Can you imagine a church where teenagers are eager to attend, where they are mentored by older teens and young adults; where children play a pivotal role; where no one is forgotten. The photos from Celebration Sunday tell those stories and more. Enjoy.