What We Did This Summer

Wiebe family on home-building effort in Mexico

By Bruce and Sharon Wiebe

Sharon, Aaron, Cameron and Bruce

On June 30th of this year, 35 youth and adults including 2 bus drivers left Winnipeg for the town of Vicente Guerrero Mexico. This group was made up of 4 different Scouts Canada groups which included youth, leaders, and parents.
There was also a good size contingent of people with ties to our church. Our whole family and Betty Clark’s daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. After a long 48 hours on our bus trip to San Diego we met up with the rest of our group — five people from St. Saviours Church.

Our goal was to travel to Vicente Guerrero and build four houses in one week for families in need. I am pleased to report our trip was a great success!

As part of the Oct 23 service, we will be celebrating this accomplishment. Over lunch, immediately following the worship service, the Wiebes and some of their companions will be sharing more highlights and photographs from their trip.

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